What our customers are saying

Went there for lunch and it is the best pizza in Tomah. I had the hand tossed and it was thin and crispy with the outside crust still soft enough to eat. It came with plenty of cheese and pepperonis that it wasn't too much but enough to satisfy. The garlic bread with cheese was just as good. It had a crispy outside with a soft center and plenty of garlic and cheese. The marinara sauce that came with it felt like it just came out of the fridge, I prefer my sauce to be warm, but that is my preference. I also ordered a hand tossed mac and cheese with bacon and spinach. That was good, just not as good as I have had other places. I couldn't really find the spinach and I didn't care for the macaroni, but my daughter loved it, and once again the crust was excellent. I cant wait to try the other flavors he has to offer and would recommend it to everyone.

Scott, Facebook Review